More Drafts Than Posts

As I write this, this blog system contains 3 published posts and 8 drafts. If you were to try to infer my level of engagement with technology from the activity on this blog, you might think I’ve given up and started selling used cars. For better or worse, that’s not the case.

Here are some things that I coulda/shoulda blogged about since I last posted in January:

  • Tagging Dreams with Django
  • Plotting the Future of Crosscheck
  • New Gig: Second Rotation
  • From Django to Rails (and Back)
  • Encapsulating a Django Project
  • Auditable Django Models
  • Simplify WordPress Upgrades With Subversion
  • The AppEngine Experience
  • Building Web Apps on the T
  • A Brief History of Freestyle
  • Building Your Own Blog: Awesome or Chumpy?
  • Boston BarCamp 2008

I’m a bad, bad blogger. This list doesn’t include any of the drafts that I actually began to write. But, as I look at this list, there’s a lot of interesting stuff here. I suspect that if I actually make myself write about the things that I’m thinking and working on, it will help motivate me to finish some of my projects. If I’m lucky, a few people might even read it, which will motivate me even more. Is this how life works for extroverts?