Hobnobbing in Boston

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One of the things that I’m most looking forward to about my ongoing transition to Boston is getting involved in the development community. I have no doubt that New Bedford has a few developers around, but the meet-up community is completely dead, and the chances of me making 3 hour round-trip to Boston on a week night just to talk shop are slim. But, now that I’m up there every day for work, you can expect to see me out on the town, hobnobbing with the geekiest of the geeks.

I went to my first meet-up last week: The eXtreme Tuesday Club. It sounds like it might involve jumping from a plane with a snowboard strapped to my feet while drinking Mountain Dew, but it’s actually a group for Extreme Programming (XP) zealots. I’m not actually a zealot about it, but I’ve seen it work brilliantly in the past and it’s an experience that I’d like to repeat. That single, trancendental experience doing full XP with a great team was probably the most stress-free, fun, and productive project that I’ve ever been involved with.

I had a great time at the meet-up. It wasn’t heavily attended, but it was great talking to the few people that were there about continuous integration, checked exceptions, and other geekery. There were a couple of guys from a local Agile shop, a woman from “a very large company”, and a sales guy from an IT services company. The sales guy was a bit out of his element, but he did manage to sit through my explanation of XP. I love trying to explain technical concepts to non-technical people, so I think I may have gotten more out of the experience than he did.

I’ll be back again next month, and in the meantime, there are meet-ups for (in order of eagerness) JavaScript, Python, Web Design, Ruby and Java. If you see me out hobnobbing, be sure to say “hello” and hand me the nickel that you owe me for reading this.